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Materials handling equipment consists of all mechanical equipment required in the movement and processing of materials on a work platform. This may include: cranes, pick-and-placers, and hoists. These devices are required to make the process easier by reducing the effort and physical movements that are involved in some processes. Go to shannahancrane.com for more.


In the manufacturing industry, material handling solutions are also used in different aspects of the production process. This includes the transportation of finished goods from one stage to another. The main components of this equipment include: transport vehicles, railway freight wagons, flatbed truck trucks and forklifts. Pick and place machines and material handling cranes are also commonly found in the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturing companies rely on this equipment for the transportation of heavy loads and the lifting of light loads.

Some other important types of material handling solutions in the manufacturing industry include: automated load-bearing system, semi-automated or fully automated equipment, and fully automated systems. Semi-automatic systems include: conveyor belts, screw machines, and automated material handling machines. On the other hand, fully automated systems include: screw mixers, material handling conveyor systems, scissor lifts, belt loading and unloading systems, wire mesh conveyor systems, high speed electric conveyor systems, and many more. All these types of equipment are generally operated by remote control. Some semi-automated equipment are used to fill unloading boxes; such equipment is generally used in the warehouses, manufacturing plants, packaging lines, and shipping departments.

Worker injury has become a very common problem in the manufacturing industry.


Some serious health problems have been reported, as a result of improperly designed or operated material handling solutions. These problems occur even with light loads. There have been reports that have cited worker fatigue as a cause of these problems. One of the main causes for worker injury is lifting of improperly designed and operated heavy loads.


Many companies today have replaced or updated their manual material handling solutions to incorporate the latest technology and designs. However, there have been some worker deaths or injuries that could have been prevented if the company had installed appropriate safety devices and equipment for lifting purposes. For instance, some companies are installing fully automatic, computerized forklifts. However, this type of equipment does not alleviate the need for the company to have an employee or operator to manually operate the forklift.


In the case of material handling solutions, safety devices and equipment can help improve the level of worker safety. Some of these devices are suitable for use in factories and other workplaces, while others are suitable for forklifts only. Safety guidelines for forklifts have been updated and are designed specifically for this application. It is very important to have an experienced and trained operator who has the knowledge and expertise to safely operate a forklift at all times. If there is a worker injury caused due to an improper forklift operation, the manufacturer or the forklift manufacturer can be held legally responsible. The manufacturer has a legal obligation to provide workers who use their products the protection that they need from a work-related injury or illness. Go to shannahancrane.com for more.


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